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Take Your Coffee to the Next Level

March 16, 2017

For many of us, coffee is the life’s blood that keeps us going throughout the week. Whether you have a specific coffee shop your love to frequent or you prefer making your own coffee at home, it’s safe to say that there are literally hundreds of ways to enjoy coffee. Here are some of our favourite coffee recipes to start your day off right:

Bulletproof Coffee

This is a popular trend amongst caffeine lovers. Bullet coffee is known as one of the tastiest ways to prepare coffee. Many restaurants and cafes are starting to make their own version of bulletproof coffee, but you can also make your own at home. All you need is your regular coffee maker or French press, a blender, and some grass-fed butter. Once your coffee is brewed, put it in the blender with the butter and blend it! The result is a smooth, tasty coffee. There’s even a vegan option for bulletproof coffee where you can use coconut oil instead of butter. Yum! 

Switch Your Milk in an Iced Coffee

We’re slowly approaching iced coffee season, which is music to the ears of many iced coffee fanatics! However, drinking coffee with a whole lot of milk on a hot day is often not the best idea. Try your iced coffee with coconut milk instead for a refreshing change. Coconut water is also a good ingredient to add to your iced coffee as a light and refreshing treat since it’s super hydrating and chock full of electrolytes.

Make a Homemade Hazelnut Latte

Some of our favourite coffee shops like Bridgehead and Ministry of Coffee have their own version of a Nutella or “Not”-Ella latte. This latte combines some of the most delicious flavours out there: hazelnut spread and coffee. To make your own hazelnut latte, you’ll need to steam some milk at home either in a pot or with a milk frother. Add the hot milk to your cup and spoon in a few scoops of your favourite hazelnut spread. Pour in the coffee and stir some more for a delicious and decadent hazelnut treat. 

Give Cold Brew Coffee a Try

Numerous coffee shops in Ottawa offer cold brew coffee, but you may find yourself wondering what the big deal is and how cold brew is different from regular iced coffee? The main difference is that iced coffee is regularly brewed coffee poured over ice. Cold brew is coarsely ground coffee beans steeped in cold or room temperature water for 12-24 hours. The biggest different you’ll notice is the taste. Regular iced coffee can sometimes taste bitter due to the chemical reactions that occur when the flavour is quickly removed from the beans combined with the dilution from the ice. Cold brew is often more flavourful and sweeter aftertaste. With that in mind, give it a try this summer and you may find yourself adding cold brew to your regular rotation! 

What’s your favourite way to enjoy coffee?


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