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How to Prepare the Day Before Race Weekend

May 26, 2017

Ottawa Race Weekend is upon us and we are getting excited! Have you been training hard in preparation for the event? Running is a popular activity in Ottawa and we see many customers come through the doors looking for delicious food and running fuel to make the most out of their training schedule. But how do you prepare the night before the big race? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started:

Make Sure You Are Hydrated
Staying hydrated during the race is important, but did you know it’s also vital to stay hydrated before? This doesn’t mean drinking water until you are full and bloated, but make sure you are drinking enough and staying away from sugary sodas and juices. 

Get Your Fill of Carbs
Carbs are important before a race. This doesn’t mean loading up on as much spaghetti as possible, but you should slightly increase your calories from carbs. Many experts recommend trying to get 65-70 of your calories from carbs the day before a race. 

Avoid Unusual Foods
The day before a race is not the best time to try a new all-you-can-eat sushi place. If you are not sure how your body is going to react to a certain type of food, stay away from it. You don’t want to have a bad reaction or feel sick before race day. 

Be Kind to Yourself
Marathons are hard on the body and mind. The day before the race you should be kind to yourself, stay off your feet, wear comfortable clothes, and relax. If you feel like going for a short run or workout, go for it, but don’t overdo it. 

Get Your Kit Ready the Night Before
You don’t want to spend the morning rushing around the house looking for your shorts or sunscreen or running shoes. Lay out everything you need beforehand to save yourself some time and stress in the morning. 

Clip Your Toenails
Nothing is more uncomfortable than long toenails in your running shoes. It can get downright painful too. Clip your toenails before the race, but try not to clip them too short, because that can also cause discomfort. 

Go to Bed Early
Turn off the Netflix and get some sleep before race day! Bring an inspiring book to bed to get yourself amped up for the next day. And don’t forget to set your alarm! 

Plan Your Morning
Make sure you have a healthy breakfast planned and try to pre-plan your route to the starting line. That way, you won’t be stressed about getting there and you can take your time and relax. 

Whether you’re doing the 10K, half, or full marathon, we’d like to wish all the runners luck this weekend!


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