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Get to Know the Team Leaders at Market Organics!

June 10, 2017

As a locally-owned and operated business, we put great care into the team we build. Hiring like-minded individuals who share our passion for food and community are two key things that truly take our team to the next level. This always starts with a strong team leader. At Market Organics, we have a few new team leaders who we would like you to meet:

Jacqueline – Cash

Jacqueline comes to us from the US. She served in the United States Military as a Military Police Sergeant for five years before moving to Ottawa with her wife in 2016. Starting with Rainbow Foods, Jacqueline moved to Market Organics this year as the head cashier. Describing herself as an “everything-tarian,” Jacqueline likes to incorporate a lot of wholesome, healthy fruits, vegetables, and organic protein into her diet, although she is well-versed in many other diets and popular food plans that many customers stick to. 

One of Jacqueline’s favourite parts of her job is the customer service portion, although she definitely acknowledges the challenges that come with making sure everyone is happy, she believes that communication is one of the most important factors in offering good service and her experience in the military only further reinforced this belief. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring Ottawa, riding her bike on the endless bike trails and enjoying delicious meals at places like Pure Kitchen and Tukan in Vanier.

Lauren – Supplements

No one believes Lauren when she tells them she is a grandmother. Since moving to Ottawa in 1999 and discovering an allergy to animal protein, Lauren became a vegan and hasn’t looked back. Working with Market Organics since 2003, with a brief break where she managed a Neon Skates and became a certified personal trainer, Lauren is highly qualified and skilled at managing the supplements department. 

Fully submersed in the health food industry as a certified fitness nutrition and digestive nutrition expert, Lauren truly loves the work she’s able to do. Improving the quality of life for others is something she is truly passionate about. In her spare time, Lauren is on a competitive Roller Derby team and she also loves taking advantage of everything Ottawa has to offer, especially her favourite spots like The Mayfair Theatre and House of Targ! 

Laura – Grocery

Working as a baker and cook in the past as well as her degree radiographic technology has given Laura the insight she needs to understand food and the human body and physiology. Working with Market Organics since 2013, Laura brings her knowledge and excitement to work every day as leader of the Grocery department. 

She loves being ahead of the curve when it comes to food trends and products, paying specific attention to predicting the products that will take off and become popular. All it takes is one little mention on a TV program or magazine and she is bombarded with requests for specific things. Staying ahead of the curve takes passion and insight. 

In the past few years, Laura has become a knitter, putting her right in the middle of Ottawa’s excellent crafting community. And while she doesn’t follow any specific alternative diets, you could say she is an ice cream fanatic, especially, when it comes to Belly Ice Cream, which she says is the best!

Jace – Fresh Foods

Jace is one of our newest team members, starting with the company in February of this year. With several years of management experience, he is perfectly suited for the Fresh Foods Department, as he understands the need to always be on your toes. He loves staying active and challenging himself at work while also delegating and managing his support team so everyone feels included and helpful. 

Even on his time off, he is always active and looking for adventure. When he’s not placing orders and managing his department, you’ll find him hiking with friends or enjoying bonfires in the woods, which, relates directly to his ambition of becoming a conservation officer a few years down the road. 

Now that you know a little more about our leaders, don’t be shy to say hello the next time you’re in-store at Market Organics! We’d love to hear from you.


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