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6 Ways to Make Trick-or-Treating Healthier

October 23, 2017


As the warm weather turns cold, and October nears, it signals the quickly approaching and most sugar-laden evening of the year. Not only does Halloween promote a high level of sugar consumption but it can also work to diminish the healthy eating habits that parents have worked hard all year long to foster within their children.

Halloween’s candy-driven beginnings

According to an article from Live Science, trick-or-treating as we know it today really began in the 1950s when candy companies identified the opportunity to capitalize on selling individually wrapped and small portioned sized candy. Prior to this, Halloween, according to another article, was not heavily associated with candy and its consumption.

Understanding that Halloween, a holiday marked by voluminous sugar consumption, was only manufactured into the phenomenon it is today by a collection of corporations who saw a profit-making opportunity means that, we, as a collective, health-conscious community can also work to alter Halloween’s habitual trajectory.

The trick-or-treating solution

This year, turn a blind eye to traditional Halloween treats in order to transform your candy bowl into one filled with healthier, less processed alternatives.

  1. Dried fruit – Available in a wide variety of options, dried fruit makes a great candy alternative thanks to its sweetness derived from a concentration of sugar as a result of the dehydration process.

  1. Fruit cups – Small enough to slip right into any trick-or-treaters bag, fruit cups offer a great source of sweetness.

  1. Apple sauce cups – Apple sauce, with no added sugar, makes for a delicious option.

  1. Pretzels – To satisfy the crunch we all crave, pretzels, a widely enjoyed snack, adds a salty touch to your trick-or-treat bowl.

  1. Popcorn – What about popping your own natural popcorn and placing it into Halloween themed bags?

  1. Items that aren’t even edible at all – Lastly, who said your trick-or-treat bowl has to be filled with things that are edible? For an alternative that doesn’t involve food at all, utilize Halloween themed school supplies such as pencils, erasers and stickers.

This year, let’s work together to bring Halloween back to its healthier roots. But first, share with us what your favourite health-conscious trick-or-treat item is.


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