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10 Gift + 7 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

December 04, 2017

 Already days into December and with the holiday season quickly approaching, we’re bringing you a blog post that will melt your shopping worries away. So without further adieu, here is a list of some of our favourite health oriented gift ideas and stocking stuffers.
1. Candle

We cannot get enough of these beautifully coloured Beeglo candles. Available in a wide array of shapes, sizes and colours, these candles are perfect for any time of the year.


2. Candle Holder

Have you ever seen more stunning candle holders?!


3. Salt Rock Lamp

Beautiful in every shape, salt rock lamps make the perfect addition to any space.


4. Diffuser

These sleek and beautifully designed difussers by Le Comptoir Aroma come in a variety of sizes and, the collection even features a travel sized diffuser as well.


5. Gift Set

These Pacificia gift sets are the perfect way to infuse a little bit of natural skincare into your gift giving line up. Each set comes with body butter, perfume roll-on, and natural colour lip-tint, all vegan and 100% cruelty free!


6. DIY Coffee Brewer

The CoffeeSock is the perfect gift for your cold brew loving friend or family member. This kit comes with a mason jar and reusable filter and will keep you or a loved one caffinated while being sustainable and environmentally friendly.


7. Cotton Bags

The "zero waste" 100% natural cotton bag kit from dans le sac comes equipped with one bread bag, one small bulk bag, and two large bulk bags. These bags are perfect for transporting and storing food and making DIY nut milk. Plus, the bread bag will help to keep your bread fresh for three days longer prior to slicing.


8. Sandwich Bags

These Canadian made multi-sized resuable bags from Colibri are so incredibly multi-functional. With multiple designs, these snack and sandwhich bags are machine washable and serve so many different purposes next to food storage.


9. Water Bottle

S'ip by S'well water bottles are an extension of the original S'well bottle and feature incredible designs and colours. Leak free, double-walled, condensation free and with the ability to keep drinks both hot and cold, the S'ip by S'well bottle is the perfect way to capture the personality of those closest to you.

10. Fragrance

Maroma is an essential fragrance for men available in three unique scents and a convienent small size. This product is a vegan, cruelty free product focused on utilizing natural ingredients as opposed to harsh chemicals.

Stocking Stuffers
1. Hand Cream

 The cold winter weather can definitely take its toll on yours and your loved ones hands. Greencricket's products are dedicated to being rich and hydrating as well as vegan and 100% natural with no artificial colours or fragrances.

2. Socks

Trust us when we say these are not your ordinary, everyday socks. Thermohare socks, a Canadian product, are made out of 75% silky kid mohair. Tested in Antartica and Mount Everest for comfortability, durability and warmth, these socks truly pass the cold weather test.


3. Lip balm

Chapped lips are inevitable with our cold winter climate. Good thing Merry Hempsters, a vegan, organic certified, hemp seed oil lip balm combined with Vitamin E and rosemary extract, is so moisturing.

4. Ornament

These aren't just any ornaments. These fun, wool creatures from Didi Bahini and are created sustainably by artisans in Nepal who are paid fairly for their work. By purchasing these ornaments you can be assured that the artisans behind the creation receieve full payment for their work.

5. Essential oil

 These multi-packs of Now essential oils are perfectly suited for any season or mood.

6. Colour Bath

Colour Energy's series of coloured bath solutions, are filled with specific colours to help bring each colour's energy to an individual while bathing.

7. Soap

You cannot go wrong with delicious smelling, artisan soaps in really unique scents, like Nurture's 'Sublim' and 'Cozy Pjs'.

What's your favourite gift or stocking stuffer item to give or receive?


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