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Goal Setting with Avy

January 02, 2018

According to an article by the Globe and Mail, “only three in 10 Canadians will set a New Year’s resolution, and of those, 73 per cent eventually break them”. Further results indicate that a third of respondents feel that “resolutions are more a novelty than a serious commitment”.

With these statistics in mind we turned to Avy, a member of our Health & Beauty department at our Britannia location, for her advice on how you can stay motivated when working towards achieving your goals, how you can go about setting goals and what kind of goals she feels are important to set.

Staying Motivated

Avy believes that in order to stay motivated in achieving a goal, you must create a specific, detailed plan of action, which results in you feeling both organized and prepared.

Until you organize yourself, your goals are just ideas”.

When setting any goal for yourself Avy states that its important to know what you’re getting yourself into – “make sure the goal you’re setting is realistic and attainable”. However, that being said Avy is also a believer in dreaming big. She feels that its important to have large, overarching goals and aspirations that become attainable by breaking down a large goal into small, digestible steps, that day-by-day, bring you closer to your end goal.

In general, Avy says that the first step to achieving any goal is to put yourself into the goal achieving mindset. Avy says this can be done by telling yourself ‘I want to make a positive change within my life’ which she believes aids in the actual implementation and follow through of achieving a goal.

Speak, Think and Do

Avy says that the next step in achieving a goal is to create the connection in your mind between the idea itself and the idea coming into fruition. By imagining yourself working towards and achieving your goal it will translate into manifestation. Therefore, the next step to achieving your goals is to move from the idea of the goal to actually engaging in the activities needed to achieve your goal.

Don’t just talk about, actually do it”.

Focus Your Goals

Avy feels its important to create focused and specific goals, specifically health related. She believes goals don’t just have to be made at the beginning of each year but can be something that remains a fluid priority all year round.

Avy’s Top 8 Health Focused Goals

1. Sleep

Avy cannot stress enough how important getting enough sleep is. She says going to bed and waking up at the same time every day will work to condition your body into a good sleep regime. She believes that sleep acts as a way to reset your body’s internal clock. Getting sleep, Avy feels, is the equivalent to charging your phone’s battery – without letting your battery charge overnight it might not have sufficient energy to get you through the following day.

2. Morning Regime

Along with sufficient sleep, Avy feels that building a morning regime is crucial for success. For Avy, her morning routine includes drinking a glass of hot water with lemon juice. Avy says this has tremendous health benefits and works to reset and re-alkaline the body.

3. Meditation

Avy truly believes in the power of meditation. While meditation can or may be intimidating at first, Avy says there are so many powerful resources such as classes, apps, and books to not only help educate but help empower an individual to put learning into practice.

4. Good Diet

Avy stands behind the benefits of consuming a plant based, alkalizing diet. She believes by focusing on what you put into your body, it will naturally translate into achieving other health related goals such as weight loss, healing, and overall improved health.

5. Education

For Avy, knowledge is power. She says that the first step to feeling inspired to make any necessary change is through educating yourself. She says that by following positive and influential websites, organizations, and individuals who inspire you and conjure up a sense of excitement within, you can move your focus away from mindless or even self-destructive activities that do not align with your newfound goals.

6. Making Time for Yourself

Avy feels its important to love yourself every day, with your every action and every decision. Avy feels that giving yourself time to be alone is so important. Avy believes that as easily as it may be for you to show love to others, it is just as important to be able to show yourself that same level of gratitude and respect.

7. Physical Activity

Avy strongly believes in the importance of being physically active through exercise. However she doesn’t believe exercise has to be confined to taking place within a gym to have a postive impact. Activities such as taking a walk with a loved one, going for a bike ride or playing tennis all contributes to living an active lifestyle.

8. Uplifting Text

Avy feels inspired and motivated through the consumption of uplifting text and images. She believes in the power of mobile apps such as Headspace (an app that utilizes short meditation sequences) and avidly devotes time and attention to consuming TED Talks (video and audio dedicated to individuals sharing ideas and inspiration with others) as well as art work. Avy believes that artwork has the ability to uplift our spirits and psyche. She feels that pieces of artwork capture the beauty and wonder of life and allow us to focus on virtues not vices – generosity, kindness, and beauty.

Now its time to hear from YOU. What are your goals for 2018 and how do you stay motivated?



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