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Turmeric Powered Products

January 16, 2018

in her article, Holistic Nutritionist Julie Daniluk, talks to the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and describes it as something that can “...reduce pain without side effects because whole foods and medical herbs don’t contain just one active ingredient – they are loaded with nutrients that work synergistically to support the body’s natural healing processes” (Daniluk, 2017). Julie goes on, in her article, to describe six additional benefits of turmeric consumption such as its ability to improve digestion, improve circulation, improve mood and support heart health (Daniluk, 2017).

With the incredible known benefits of turmeric, lets turn our attention to some of the incredible turmeric containing products from supplements to health and beauty to grocery items.


  • CurcaVIVA – Optimized Curcumin
  • New Chapter – Turmeric Force
  • Natural Factors Double Strength Theracurmin
  • Organika – Curcumin
  • St. Francis Herb Farm – Turmeric
  • Health First – Curcumin Supreme
  • Now – Curcumin
  • Botanica – Turmeric Liquid Phytocaps
  • Sisu – Full Spectrum Curcumin

Health & Beauty

  • My Magic Mud – Toothbrushing Powder / Strong Teeth & Gums with Turmeric & Cacao
  • Andalou – Instant Luminous Face Mask / Turmeric & Gold Clay Face Mask


Hot Drinks

  • Organic Fair – Goldenmilk / Turmeric Chocolate Elixir Mix
  • Botanica Turmeric Golden Mylk

Cold Drinks

  • Pyramid Ferments – Beet Kvass: Turmeric & Black Pepper
  • Live – Turmeric Gold Elixir
  • Isola Bio – Golden Drink with Curcuma Turmeric


  • Living Intentions – Activated Superfood Popocrn / Tandoori Turmeric with Turmeric Extract, Aswagandha Extract and Live Cultures / Organic Live Cultures, non-GMO, Gluten free
  • OrganicFair – Goldenmilk / Turmeric Chocolate Bar

What are YOUR favourite turmeric powered products?


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