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6 Must-Try Local Brands

April 12, 2018

There are many things to love about living within Ottawa, one of which is the wealth of brilliant and innovative entrepreneurs creating and crafting local products within our capital city.
In celebration of our upcoming Local Day on Saturday, April 14, we’re presenting to you six incredible local brands we’re honoured to be joined by for our Local Day and carry within our store:
Vox Kombucha
With seven years of previous fermentation experience, Eva began crafting small batches of kombucha at home for her children as an alternative to pop. After meeting Ryan, and starting a band dedicated to folk music in Wakefield, Quebec, they bonded over the delicious taste and vast benefits of kombucha. Ryan, excited about the idea of bringing the taste of Eva’s creation to the world, worked with Eva to co-found Vox Kombucha. Ryan and Eva have since created three deliciously unique flavours inspired by Eva’s children's love of the drink: Eleanor’s Electrifying Elderberry, Rosalie’s Razzmatazz Raspberry, and Amazing Apple Ginger.
Vox Kombucha is made through the utilization of the highest-quality spring water, a perfectly fine-tuned brewing process and the incorporation of local fair trade ingredients whenever possible. Vox Kombucha opts for a natural carbonation process allowing the tea to go through a second fermentation process as opposed to utilizing CO2. Committed to environmental sustainability, Vox Kombucha welcomes back their containers for sanitization and reuse and uses washable, organic tea bags in their brewing process.
Love My Buns
Created out of a desire to provide their daughter Abigail, diagnosed with Autism at a young age, with a baking mix free of gluten, dairy, and sugar,  –  substances which they felt aggregated their daughter’s gastro-intestinal and behavioural issues –  chefs Nicole and Bruce developed Love My Buns Miracle Bread. Containing just five ingredients, Love My Buns Miracle Bread is an additive-free, preservative-free, sugar-free, starch-free, paleo-friendly, multi-purpose baking mix which can be conveniently used to make sandwich buns and bread, muffins, pizza crusts, and pancakes.
Backyward Edibles
Bringing farming to an urban space, Backyard Edibles, a venture created by Madeleine and Matthew, “transform underused residential space into productive market gardensthrough the partnerships of Backyward Edible Growers. With a collective passion and knowledge of organic growing, farming, and community development, Madeleine and Matthew bring sustainable, agricultural growing practices to backyards within Ottawa, working simultaneously to educate and strengthen the bond between consumer and producer. Backyard Edibles is truly the vision of the ‘100-mile diet’.
Nuts & Noix
Originating from a bistro in Wakefield, Quebec, the NutBurg as we know it today came to fruition through customer demand. Sparked by the desire to provide individuals who maintained a meat-free lifestyle with healthy, nutritious and wholesome options  –  the NutBurg was born. Made with a combination of “roasted almonds, cashews, and sunflower seeds, which are complimented with carrots, red onions and mushrooms, cheese, breadcrumbs and spices”. The original meatless NutBurg was then proceeded by the “Holy Mole Burger” its Mexican inspired counterpart.
All About the Soup
A family run business, founded by Andy, Charline and their son Jaden, All About The Soup, places heavy emphasis on the utilization of fresh, quality ingredients in the creation of their dairy free and wheat free soups. Created out of a desire to pack wholesome meals for their own travels and adventure, Andy, Charline and Jaden bring to you nutritious, pre-made frozen soups, from their kitchen to yours.

Simply Fruit Rice Pudding
Crafted with your taste buds in mind, Simply Rice Fruit Pudding offers a product committed to preserving as much of the fruit’s natural taste and nutritional values as possible, in a creamy and rich rice pudding. Available in a wide array of unqiue flavour combinations, Simply Fruit Rice pudding is a gluten-free, dairy-free creation utilizing only the freshest of ingredients. Made without artificial colours, flavours, additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners, this product is one that “supports and encourages healthful eating”.

To sample these products, learn more about these brands, and meet the creators behind these companies, visit our Britannia location (1487 Richmond Road) on Saturday,  April 14, 2018 from 10:30AM to 5:00PM.


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