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Rainbow Foods Preparations in Response to Covid-19

April 16, 2020

Dear valued customers and friends,
As the concern and uncertainty of the current situation remains, we would like to take this time to assure you that we are following the recommendations put forth by national and international authorities and taking all necessary precautions to serve you and reduce the risk of contamination.
We have implemented and/or currently practice, but not limited to, the following:
-         Phyiscal distancing floor decal reminders spaced 6ft apart throughout the entire store
-         Launching contactless Curbside Pickup & Delivery service
-         Limiting the number of customers within the store at any given time
-         Installation of plexiglass barriers at Customer Service and each checkout
-         Implementation of physical distancing markers around the Supplements and HABA desks
-         Disposable covers for shopping carts
-         Continuously disinfecting shopping basket handles and payment terminals
-         Disinfectant wipes available throughout the store for public and employee use
-         Additional hand sanitizer available throughout the store for public and employee use
-         Additional cleaning services for disinfecting high traffic areas
-         Additional cleaning materials for employee work stations
-         Limited meal breaks to lunch room only
-         Monitoring all appropriate resources for updates and changes in protocol
-         Increasing communication between all employees and management
-         Cancelling all passive and active demos until further notice
-         Attempting to secure additional products and ingredients for sanitizer and disinfectants
-         Providing additional signage to encourage all customers and employees to wash hands frequently and refrain from touching their face
-         Promoting cashless transactions and encouraging the use of debit, credit, and Rainbow Foods gift cards 
-         Closely monitoring our distributor and vendor response and actions to the situation at large
-         Continuously clean bulk bin handles, bulk bin spouts, scoops and tools for collecting bulk and related products, and provide gloves for public use for scooping bulk products. Should we determine it is necessary to pause the use of BYOC program, we will honour the reward program associated with it.
-         Continue to listen to and support all of you to our best ability
We would like to thank you for your support during this time. We will continue to monitor and update all of you with any further changes or precautions we may feel are necessary to implement or change over the course of this situation.
Sarah Kaplan and Team


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