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Curbside Pickup & Delivery

The goal of our Curbside Pickup & Delivery Service is simple — to bring you easier, safer, and more conve...


Military Members & First Responders Discount Day

On the third Thursday of every month, Healthy Rewards Members who are also Military Members, Firefighters, Police O...


EVERY WEDNESDAY: Seniors Discount Day

Seniors Discount Day is moving from the first Tuesday of every month to each and every Wednesday. Healthy Rewards...


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Our Philosophy

At Rainbow, we believe firmly in the need for businesses to play a positive role in society. Our own corporate philosophy is tied to this belief, and is expressed by three separate but interwoven components: our company Mission Statement; Ten Guiding Principles; and the Rainbow Pledge.

Mission: To promote and provide healthier choices.

Ten Guiding Principles

  • SERVICE: Customer service is our specialty and our primary concern. In everything we do, we strive to provide a superior customer experience.
  • KNOWLEDGE: We believe in providing our customers with the best possible guidance on the proper use and consumption of all health-related products which we carry. To this end, we are committed to employing only the most knowledgeable, helpful, and experienced individuals.
  • QUALITY: We stand behind every product that we carry, both in terms of quality and in terms of production. If we are not satisfied that a product meets our high standards, we will not carry it. It’s that simple.
  • POSITIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT: We believe that an effective and friendly business environment is dependent on the people who work in that environment. Our employees are our greatest asset in providing superior customer service, and we are firmly committed to continuously working to improve the experience, knowledge, skills and working life of our employees.
  • FOCUS ON THE LOCAL: We believe that the future is local, and we continuously work with our suppliers and local trade organizations to ensure that our products come from as close-to-home as possible.
  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Great businesses help make great communities. As a community-based business, we consider it our responsibility to give back to our community in every way possible. In an average year, we give between 10% and 20% of our company profits to local and national charities.
  • HONESTY: In all aspects of business and all facets of food production, we emphasize and encourage honesty. Our business is built on this principle, and it is something we live by in everything we do.
  • INCLUSIVITY: We believe in fostering and sustaining an inclusive, safe and supportive shopping and working environment.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY AND STEWARDSHIP: Without question, we promote organically-grown, ethically-produced and environmentally-sustainable food production. We believe that this is the future of food in both Canada and the world, and we are proud to do our part in helping to promote this vision. FUN: We believe shopping and working should be fun, and we therefore strive to make our store as exciting and stimulating as is the road to better health.

The Rainbow Pledge

Rainbow Foods is committed to providing superior customer service and a friendly, informative and inclusive shopping and working environment.  We strive for the highest standards of environmentally- and ethically-sustainable business practices, both in the products we carry and the in the way we run our business.  Our motto – The Healthy Choice. For You. For Life. – is an expression of our belief that the path to better health is a lifelong commitment which is distinctive and special to each individual.  At Rainbow, our fundamental goal is to inspire our customers to be as excited about this journey as we are, and to help each individual walk the path to better health in their own unique way.


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