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The goal of our Curbside Pickup & Delivery Service is simple — to bring you easier, safer, and more conve...


Military Members & First Responders Discount Day

On the third Thursday of every month, Healthy Rewards Members who are also Military Members, Firefighters, Police O...


EVERY WEDNESDAY: Seniors Discount Day

Seniors Discount Day is moving from the first Tuesday of every month to each and every Wednesday. Healthy Rewards...


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Taking a Stand

Our sixth Guiding Principle, Community Involvement , takes a firm stand in support of our community.  As the principle says, “Great Businesses Help Make Great Communities,” and we take great pride in donating between 10% and 20% of our yearly profits to charities that we believe make the world a better place.  In an effort to make our charity dollars really count, we have broken down our donations into five separate categories, which we call our “Five Charitable Initiatives”.  These five categories are the major themes we believe in the most.  They consist of:

  1. Community Involvement
  2. Youth Empowerment
  3. Promoting Natural Health
  4. Environmental Sustainability
  5. Local Engagement

For the first four categories, we partner each year with four separate charities, each of which represents what we believe to be an excellent advocate for the category itself.  For instance, under Youth Empowerment, we have partnered for several years with Easter Seals Ontario.  In the final category, Local Engagement, we organize small donations and partnerships with dozens of local charities and organizations.  Our goal in all of these categories is to help improve the world around us, and to help build and strengthen our community.


What do our charity partnerships involve?  Well, if you’re a regular customer at our Britannia location, you’ve probably been asked once or twice if you’d like to donate to one of several great causes.  Our customers are an extremely generous group, and through initiatives like this, we raise thousands of dollars each year (in 2014, in fact, we reached the $10,000 contribution mark to Easter Seals Ontario).  Some of the other ways we partner might include promoting a charitable initiative in our stores (such as providing space for the Ottawa Riverkeeper organization to sell their rain barrels), teaming up with a charity at a local community event, or just encouraging our dedicated and helpful employees to take the lead in volunteering at the local level (as we’ve done for several years with Hospice Care Ottawa in their annual “Hike For Hospice”).  There’s real power in partnership, and we take as many opportunities as we can to help our charity partners.  For updates on the charity events we regularly participate in, take a peak at our “ Rainbow Blog ”, or follow us on social media.


We are very excited to currently be partnered with the following charities and organizations:

  1. Community Involvement: Ottawa Food Bank
  2. Youth Empowerment: Easter Seals Ontario
  3. Promoting Natural Health: Non-GMO Project
  4. Environmental Sustainability: Ottawa Riverkeeper
  5. Local Engagement: Some of the local groups we’ve recently worked with and donated to include but are not limited to: Hospice Care Ottawa, Vitamin Angels, University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation, and the Wild Bird Care Centre.


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