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Organic Meat and Fish

At Rainbow Foods, we believe in promoting meat and fish products which are ethical, sustainable, and local.  We carry a wide selection of frozen and canned organic meat and fish items, including beef, chicken, pork, bison, trout, and salmon products.  With the exception of our bison, all of our meat is certified organic, and in every case it is sourced from local family-owned farms that are located less than 200 miles from Ottawa.  To learn more about our suppliers, or for our Position Statement on the Sale of Meat Products, click here .

Some facts about organic meat certification in Canada

  • The Canadian Organic Standards refers to the regime of verifying and managing the organic certification process in Canada.  The system is based on several general principles, including protecting the environment, minimizing soil degradation and erosion, promoting a strong state of health, and decreasing pollution levels;
  • Animals raised in this system must have regular access to outdoor space, and must have been under continuous organic management for a specified period of time;
  • Livestock raised within an organic farming system helps to improve and maintain the fertility of the soil, while also enhancing biodiversity on the farm;
  • Animal feed must consist of foods that are essential for maintaining the animals’ health and well-being, and cannot contain feed additives or growth-enhancing drugs;
  • In all stages of life, the animals must be handled with care and respect, including during transport and slaughter;
  • Physical alterations are prohibited except when absolutely necessary to improve the health or hygiene of animals, or for safety reasons;
  • Organically-certified products are regularly tested for chemical and pesticide residue.  Even low levels of pesticides are not tolerated in organic-certified products;
  • Animals must have regular access to fresh water;
  • Farms must verify a minimum amount of available space per animal;
  • Organically certified products must be GMO-free;
  • The organic certification process is monitored and enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), and is administered by a variety of certification bodies which have been accredited by the CFIA or recognized internationally under the Organic Products Regulations, 2009.  Some of the main certification bodies in Canada are Ecocert Canada, Global Organic Alliance, Pro-Cert, and Organisme de Certification Quebec Vrai.

For more information on the organic certification process in Canada, please visit the CFIA’s website, at .

About Our Suppliers

Ferme Piscicole des Bobines

Based in East Hereford, in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, Ferme Piscicole des Bobines is the largest Rainbow Trout farm in Quebec.  It has been operating as a family-owned and family-operated farm for over thirty years, and is firmly dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards, while also being firmly committed to environmental sustainability.  Their products are all Ocean Wise™ recommended, and are processed directly at their state-of-the-art processing plant.  Visit them online at .

Les Viandes Rheintal (Rheintal Meats)

This farm has been active in organic agriculture and livestock farming for over 25 years, and is now being run by the second generation of the Buecheli family.  Les Viandes Rheintal believes in managing their farm from the ground up, which means ensuring an all-natural and ethical growing process and emphasizing local distribution networks.  Based near Drummondville, in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, their products are certified organic by Quebec Vrai.  For more information, visit .

Ferme des Voltigeurs

Operating as a family-owned business since 1958, Ferme des Voltigeurs is another Drummondville-based farm, focusing primarily on poultry production.  Their organic chicken products adhere to the highest standards of quality freshness, and are certified organic by Eco-Cert.  Visit them online at .

Les Fermes Valens

Operating as a cooperative of family-owned and operated farms in the Chateauguay Valley west of Montreal, farming for Valens is a way of life steeped in tradition and respect for nature.  Their livestock is completely grass-fed, and has access to the outdoors all year long.  Their products are certified organic by Bio Quebec.  Learn more at .

Bison Takwanaw (non-organic)

Bison Takwanaw produces bison meat products that are grown without growth hormones or antibiotics, and are fed exclusively on grass, hay and oat cereal.  Based in Thurso, Quebec, their products are a delicious and lower-fat substitute to beef products.


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